What's your goal today?

I bet you didn't think to set a daily goal today did you? That's alright, its not too late! We often make to-do lists and simply go through the motions, getting caught up in our day to day routine. Now I totally love a good to-do list, but there is something about setting a daily goal that goes beyond just crossing things off the list. When you work to make each day count, you feel good at the end of the day and that feeling + excitement starts to bleed into the next day, and the next, and so on. Often times people get so caught up in long term goals, big ideas, and large milestones, that they forget to celebrate the little accomplishments that can happen each day. It is easy to get overwhelmed when we set high standards for ourselves but I think we all can agree that being overwhelmed is a terrible feeling, and often gets us no where. 

What I find helpful is to think about my life as a flow chart... A series of events/milestones that are connected but have the ability to change depending on the outcome of each individually. If you try and focus on the whole thing, I bet you will struggle giving your all to each step along the way; not to mention it can get confusing! A flow chart allows us to be mindful of the big picture and recognize every piece involved; but also helps us realize the endless possibilities/paths that stem from each step. Each day presents an amazing amount of opportunity that changes based on how certain events turn out. So plan big, but focus a little bit smaller.

Tomorrow isn't promised... It might sound cliche but its truth. So have a long term plan and epic life goals, but also make the choice to achieve each day. Not only does it feel awesome to accomplish a daily goal, but if by chance you have an off day; you know that tomorrow you have a whole new opportunity to achieve and celebrate the next day. Work hard daily to reach a specific goal, and go to sleep each night feeling that your day was a WIN! And don't forget that you have a team to hold you accountable and celebrate your wins with! So what's the goal you are going to crush today?