Groove into the New Year!

I have always been fascinated with music, and in particular remixes.. an act taken to make something a liiiiiittle bit more awesome by changing certain aspects, but keeping characteristics of the original work. Essentially everything in life is a remix if you think about it....buildings, books, cars, sneakers, you name it! Even us! And what's so awesome about life; is we are constantly presented with new opportunities and free will to change and grow ourselves.

Often around the new year, we tend to start identifying things we want to change, give up, or work harder on in our lives. But not everything has to be left in 2013 as we transition into the new year. Take the time to reflect back and decide what to keep, what to leave, and what to add. A little life remix so to speak! Remix away and groove into 2014 with some of our faves.