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Often when we think about our goals, we perhaps might scale them back thinking our initial dreams are too lofty and unattainable. But do me a favor; identify something you are dying to achieve in the next 3 years... and then ask yourself "Why not me?" Asking yourself this question will hopefully make you realize that you are totally capable and worth the effort.  Most often this question will provoke either feelings of "Hell Ya! Why not me?! I can totally do this!" – paired with perhaps a list of perceived road blocks.

Nearly all of these "perceived" roadblocks can be overcome with hard work and support from your team. By identifying the things that you perceive as road blocks to your success you will realize that these things are merely excuses. And we all know that excuses only please those who make them. Once these "excuses" are out in the open, we know what we need to work on! It can be really hard to make progress if you don't know what's holding you back; so by calling out the hurdles, you can actually feel a bit liberated.

Once you know what they are, you can share these areas that need work with your team. That way, they know exactly the things that are holding you back. They can hold you accountable, and can help you turn the reasons you think you "can't" into motivation towards achieving your goal. Surround yourself with teammates who truly believe in YOU and who will enthusiastically remind you "why not YOU!?"