Teamwork makes the Dream work!

 "C'mon you got it! I've got your back"

"C'mon you got it! I've got your back"

I talk about teamwork a lot and clearly have a passion for its existence in daily life. But I decided today to break it down a bit further today. My excitement around this act of unity stems from my experience playing on a variety of sports teams growing up. But now that I am no longer a part of organized athletics, I see how the properties of teamwork still ring true in my life. Whether you have been involved in athletic teams or not, teamwork really does still make the dream work people! So today I decided to share with you the 7 Pillars of Teamwork (written by a basketball coach) ... but I felt it only fitting that I remixed them for daily life. Amazing to see how they are still so powerful and applicable by only changing a few words. 

Some of these Pillars might be more applicable to your team, goal, or given situation than others...and thats totally fine! Every team is different.  It is life's wide variety of challenges that brings groups together, so its only right each team have a unique personality. We just have to remember that LIFE is a team game.  Thus teamwork is an essential ingredient to success.

7 Pillars of Teamwork:

  1. Lead your teammates. Leadership and responsibility must come from each teammate. Outside mentors and role models can provide guidance, but every teammate must take responsibility each step of the way.
  2. Elevate your teammates: If you aren’t making your teammates better; you are making them worse. People need to raise the level of their teammates through their enthusiasm, encouragement and through working hard by example.
  3. Respect your teammates:  Surround yourself with teammates that you respect and who set a good example. They don't have to be your BFF, but they should support you and fuel your drive to be better.
  4. Trust your teammates: You have to trust that your teammates know, accept and embrace their role.  You have to have full confidence that they will be in position to support you and trust they’ll keep their word and come through in the clutch when you ask for help.
  5. Discipline your teammates: Everyone needs to be help accountable. If each teammate makes it a priority to check in on one another, there is an understanding and an inherent sense of responsibility to continue forward progress.
  6. Back your teammates: A team is a family. Would you let someone pick on your little brother at the park? I hope not. If your teammate ever gets in a bind, they need to know you have their back.
  7. Challenge your teammates: Competition amongst teammates is invaluable. Competition should bring out the best in everyone.

Great teams are built with ordinary people doing extraordinary things together.