Left Hand HATE... KO'd by LOVE.

I believe so strongly in the power of video, not just because it stimulates more senses than audio, but there is something more personal about video. Whether the clip makes you reflect, motivates you towards current goals, or inspires you to try something new; take a peek, read my thoughts, and then form your own. I would love to hear your feedback and how you have applied these messages to make your week ahead even more epic than you had imagined!

Like Radio Raheem tells in The Story of Life, there is a constant battle happening in society and inside each of us individually. This battle of Love and Hate is inherent to us all. Regardless of how much love you think you have in your body, we each have a certain amount of hate as well. But what is so awesome, is that these levels of each emotion are controlled by US! Both are extremely powerful but like Raheem says... "Left Hand Hate...KO'd by Love." We should all strive towards this fight outcome, where Love is victorious. This is a daily challenge, and a difficult one at that. What makes it so difficult is the constant "static" and struggle between the two. Both are strong, but the one that wins, is the one we feed!

Emotions and Mindsets need nourishment to stay strong just like our bodies do. So if you want Love to win. Feed Love! Nourish Love with acts of kindness, positivity, and belief, making Love powerful enough to defeat Hate! This story can be true for any competing forces inside us, regardless of size. Good v. Evil, Productivity v. Laziness, Understanding v. Impatience; are all battles that we face. So which emotions will you nourish in order to reach your goals? What's on your brass-knuckles?