Celebrate your Friends – No Occasion Necessary!

         You can find awesome letter pressed cards like this on Etsy –  Check em out!

        You can find awesome letter pressed cards like this on Etsy – Check em out!

Happy Birthday, Happy Thursday, Happy New Year, .... Happy Whatever!! So many awesome things happen EVERY day that most greeting cards just don't credit! Not every card needs a holiday or event to celebrate. How about celebrating someone being your friend and an AWESOME one at that!?  Although today's society is increasingly living more and more in the digital world, I think there is still immense value in physical goods, such as greeting cards! Some might think I am weird, but I have a collection of nearly all the greeting cards I have received... They cover my refrigerator, cork boards, and some are even in frames. What I find so cool about these cards, is that at that moment, someone was thinking about me and took the time out of their busy life to write me a card and let me know. It might seem old fashioned to most, but these cards become a persisting memory of a variety of stories weaved throughout my life. When I need a pick me up, I can read one of these cards and be reminded of my teammate that sent the card as a notion of their support on my journey of life! 

I will never forget the first time I received a random physical card from someone in support of what I was going through. I was a freshman at Notre Dame and it was my first week of pre-season volleyball. I was a recruited walk-on and I knew I would really need to prove myself to make a good impression on my teammates, and coaches. I was so nervous. I was the last one added to the roster and I initially didn't even have a nameplate on my locker. The first week was rough. I am so competitive and rarely am I not confident in my skills, but I had no clue how I was going to make it through this intensive preseason, let alone the entire season and ensuing 4 years. The first week came to an end and I was beyond tired. I was physically drained, mentally exhausted and emotionally on edge. I had come from being one of the top decorated players in the state of Washington and had now found myself in a position where I was competing to even stay on the roster. I went to my locker after the last practice for the week and there I saw a small greeting card labeled with my name. I was confused as to who it could be from... I hadn't really made friends on the team yet (I was worried they didn't think I was good enough) and I didn't think the coaches thought much of me either. After everyone left, I opened the note. It was from the volunteer assistant coach; one of the top players in the country during her time at Notre Dame. In short, her note told me to keep my head up. Keep working hard. We've all been there, and that if I needed anything she was there for me. I will never forget this moment. We never talked much about the note the next week, but it felt so good to know that someone had my back and was rooting for me. This note was my first introduction with the amazing people that Notre Dame brought into my life. Over the next 4 years I grew to learn that all of my teammates had my back for anything and everything. I can sincerely say that we will be friends and teammates for life.

Thinking back on that story makes me so happy. It was a trying time in my life, and someone who I barely knew took the time to let me know that she supported me.  Like I mention often, we must remember that WE too are someone's teammate. Ever since that first note at ND; one of my favorite things to do is to send my friends and loved ones random cards or notes in the mail. Simply celebrating having that person and their friendship in my life is such a good feeling! And when they get the card, perhaps it brightens their day, and gives them an extra boost of confidence knowing that I believe in them and have their back. 

TIP: Go buy a pack of small greeting cards and stamps so you have them available at your convenience. When you think of someone or think they might need a boost (we all need a boost now and again regardless!) – write them a quick note and drop it in the mail. This might take you 10min max, but it is sure to put a smile on their face when they get their mail. And making other people smile feels so awesome. :)