Our Locker Rooms Don't Stink.

A breakdown of what we really mean when we say "digital locker rooms."

Everyone has different opinions, based on their personal experiences. So when we say Speshio let's you set up digital locker rooms for your close-knit groups, some people might say "eew, locker rooms! Why would I want a digital locker room; they're smelly and cold and impersonal?" Well, we am here to tell you that our locker rooms don't stink! In fact, they smell ripe with support, motivation, trust, and teamwork. We understand this might sound crazy, we too have been in a damp gym locker room that smells of rusting metal and old gym bags. But this is not the locker room we are referencing. Speshio is not emulating the locker room that you find at your local gym, or old high school. What we are talking about requires a special ingredient – A TEAM. Team members bring life to a locker room. They enter a locker room to prepare, exchange supportive words, motivational moments, and share in camaraderie. The TEAM breathes life and ownership into the space we call "locker room." 

When you have a group of people working toward a common goal, striving to be better, and supporting each other along the way; your locker room becomes your home. It becomes a place where you talk about things you wouldn't anywhere else, a place where you feel comfortable, where you can inspire the whole group, or put something in the locker of a teammate who you know needs a boost. THAT is what Speshio digital locker rooms are. There is a shared space called the Team Board, like a white board where team members can post things for everyone to see. And each team member has a place of their own, a Locker for their keepsakes, a place to revisit when they prepare for what's next. 

The characteristics of a locker room are at the heart of what ALL private groups need to best support their members (not just sports teams) – A separation of Meaningful Media vs. Conversation, Emphasis on Content Privacy, and a Group space in addition to Personal space. (Patent Pending)



From our Founder: 

On the left is my college locker. And inside the door on the right, I would frequently find notes written on my mirror to motivate me, funny photos taped to give me a laugh when I was down, or maybe my favorite candy when I needed a boost. If NDVB had Speshio, my locker would look a little like the view on the right, full of notes, inspirational selfie videos, good laughs, and shared memories. The ability to mobilize the power of our locker room would have been a total game changer.

What’s most important about the locker room are the bonds and trust that take shape in one of those members-only refuges where game plans and attitudes are created and perfected. And they are shared for life. Of even more importance are the memories and lifelong friendships that can only be created in this modest arena.
— Jon Falk, Collegiate football coach

The powerful explanation of the importance of a locker room shared by Jon Falk is exactly what we are talking about. Not everyone has experienced it first hand, but we believe that the power of a true locker room should transcend organized athletics to empower any close-knit group as they support one another.