I'll Start Tomorrow (x31)


It is officially 1 month into the New Year. Are you still rockin' your resolution?
Here are a few small ways Speshio can help!



1. Break it down and start planning: It is easy to define a larger goal, and then get lost while trying to get there. So set up a series of small milestones that will get you closer with each accomplishment. Once you have these established, share them in the Activities section of your team's team board. This will not only make it easy for you to refer back to them later and stay on track, it will also help your teammates hold you accountable and send you support at the most critical times. See that your teammate has a big day coming up? Flip around that cell phone camera , record a selfie video wishing them good luck and share it in their locker! Who cares what you look like; this is your team, and your teammates need the personal support – only they can see what's in their locker anyway!


2. No accomplishment is too small: In a world where life is glamorized on social media, and people broadcast their happiest of times to the masses – it is important to remember that we must still find joy in the small successes. On Speshio, you don't have to contemplate the best filter for your photo, or if enough of your "friends" will think the moment you captured is awesome enough to "like." Speshio is a place to be real; a place to share your progress no matter how small – that's what its about. Your teammates are eager to see the baby steps you are taking! Not only are they hyped to see you succeeding, but sharing emotional and monumental moments along the way motivates everyone involved to keep at it. Not to mention, you deserve support along your whole journey... not just likes and comments when you reach your final destination!


3. Find your peak self: Achieving your goals isn't always easy. It takes planning, preparation, dedication and focus (and the ability to refocus). It is easy to get lost in day to day tasks, let alone your smartphone amongst apps, emails, games and chats. But most of us are self aware enough to know when we are off track and when we really need to refocus. Your Speshio digital locker room is where this happens. It is where you go when you need to refocus and become your peak self. This is as simple as taking a minute each day to scroll through the collection of encouragement and motivation in your locker that is just for you...Setting a new header image in your locker that will put you in the zone each morning...Browsing through the team board and reliving all of the moments your team has shared thus far. You can rely on your team's locker room to help you refocus and you know for certain that the support you need, is on Speshio.



It's not too late to set a resolution and create a team on Speshio to support you along the way. This means cheering for you as you celebrate the little things, offering help when you need that extra boost, and sharing life's moments in the most honest and meaningful ways!