The IMPACT of Kobe's Last Game

Whether you're a basketball fan or not, I'll bet that you know the name "Kobe Bryant." Opinions vary on his skill set, his personality, and his personal decision making.  But regardless of which side of the Kobe v. MJ debate you fall on, you can't doubt that Kobe has had a major impact on the game of basketball and all those involved.  Kobe performs under pressure, exudes a dedication to his craft, and always brings a tenacious attitude to the court - even after 20 seasons. Twenty years in the NBA and Kobe has had numerous teammates, coaches, made many friends and accumulated a mass of haters. But again, we get back to the word IMPACT. Those who have played against and with the Black Mamba won't doubt that he pushed them to be better. And at Kobe's last game, we saw this manifested in a video montage of friends, coaches, teammates, and opponents. They stepped in front of the camera and reminded Kobe of his impact, shared memories, and lifted him up - before he took the court as a Laker, one last time. Kobe lit up as he saw the faces of his community and heard their words detailing memories and emotions.  


We don't all have Kobe's attitude. We don't all have his step back jumper, or his ball handling skills ... and people world wide probably won't ever know our names. But we all have the ability to make an impact on those around us. And on the flip side, it is important we remind those who have made an impact on us, that they have done so. Just like Kobe's teammates told him in their videos. An impact can be large, but often in every day life we experience a series of small personal impacts. Your teammates deserve to know that they have made a positive impact on you. Or perhaps just by telling them you have their back, you will make a small positive impact on them and how hard they work at their goals, or how they treat others around them. It doesn't always have to be an elaborate video production like Kobe's; but your video can easily hold the same value. Simply utilizing the front facing camera on your cell phone, and sharing genuine words with your teammates is priceless, motivating, and can be revisited in their locker over and over for a lifetime....

Now I bet Kobe wishes he had a Speshio locker where he could watch all of these videos when he needs a boost as he gets used to retirement! :)