Low Cost Ways to Support a Friend

There’s no debating that technology has changed the world. We text more, talk less and our timelines are flush with visual stories of happiness. It’s incredibly easy to forget that everyone struggles at times. So whether your close friend has confided in you for strength, or you simply want to remind someone you have their back; here are some incredibly easy (and inexpensive) ways to show your support (and a little creative inspiration).

1. Send a Card
Yes, a physical snail mail greeting card. For under $5 you can purchase a simple card, a stamp, add your heartfelt words of encouragement and drop it in the mail. Even if you live in the same city, it’s always fun to receive mail unexpectedly! It will let your friend know you made the extra effort, rather than just sending a text message.

Some of Our Favs

2. Cook a Meal
Sometimes a good meal can make all the difference; and often times when you’re struggling with life, cooking is the last thing you want to take on. Delivering your friend their favorite dish or offering to come over and cook for them can be quite comforting. If you don’t live nearby or simply aren’t the cooking type, a gift card for a meal from delivery services such as Postmates, Caviar, or Seamless can save the day!

Delicious Recipe Idea 

3. Send a Selfie Video
Our digital world has changed the way we communicate, but even if sent via text there is something endearing about seeing a friend’s face and hearing their voice. Shoot a quick 15 sec video on your phone sharing words of encouragement and email or text to your friend needing a boost. The best part is they can replay it again and again.

Selfie Video Inspiration

4. Offer to Listen
It’s easy to keep things bottled up, breeze through small talk and gloss over anything that’s keeping you down to appear like life is all good. Simply telling a friend that you’re willing to listen can relieve some pressure and provide comfort. Provide a no-judgement zone and lend an ear.

5. Share a Photo & a Memory
Perusing through old photos is always fun but sharing them with the others in the picture opens a world of nostalgia and (hopefully) positive emotions. Send a friend an old photo and include a note about why that day was so fun/special. When we reminisce, life feels more meaningful and the act alone can help soothe some of the pains of a current burden.

Creative Photo Idea

6. Make a Playlist
Streaming music services have made all of your favorite music so accessible it’s mind blowing. So take an hour or two and make your friend a playlist! Get creative, or stick to their favorites. Whatever they are going through, there is always a song to match the mood.

Great Feel Good Jams

7. Share a Book
Reading is a way to escape daily life and dive into someone else’s adventure. And depending on the story, reading a good book can also leave you feeling energized and inspired. Share one of your favorite books with a friend and inscribe a nice note inside. Not only is it thoughtful, but it invites a new dialogue about the book itself.

One of the Best

 8. Give them a Hug
Plain and simple. Sometimes a hug is the best medicine.

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