The Collective Power of Community


When life gets tough, there are few things as powerful as human kindness. Having a community to take part in, a support group to draw strength from, or a friend to rely on can make all the difference. Life is a team sport and Speshio is the force multiplier. We are passionate about our mission to enhance community among individuals and organizations online. 


6 reasons to stick together


1. Collective wisdom

No one has all the answers, you will save time, feel comfort and be armed with more information by consulting with experts and peers.

2. Pushing our limits

Surrounding yourself with others working toward a similar goal fosters support, friendly competition and often results in pushing a little bit farther than you would have on your own.

3. Support and belief

Your community is there to lean on when you feel like giving up. They believe in you—probably more than you belief in yourself sometimes.

4. New ideas 

Different world views and variety of life experiences makes group think exciting. The creativity we can generate by sharing with others outside of ourselves is above and beyond what we can produce alone.

5. Borrowed motivation

Looking around you and seeing others working hard at their passions can be the extra bit of inspiration you need when things get tough.

6. Accountability

When we are in something together, we feel responsible to deliver on our word. Accountability can be that final oomph that helps you get things done.


Harness the power of the community around you, and go farther – together.