Today is a very spesh day...

First order of business: if you haven't already done so today; go hug your mom. If she's not close by, give her a call, or just take a minute to yourself and think about her awesomeness. Seriously, stop reading right now and do it. You are here right now, because of her – she gave you life. That's pretty damn powerful (and from what I have heard also pretty damn painful). 

Let's be real, moms deserve more recognition than just one day a year for all that they do – not only for their children, but for all of the people that they love. They tirelessly pour energy, compassion, and effort into our lives day in and day out.

Because of this, what better day to share our first ever #ThatsSoSpesh highlight? 


a new series that features short stories of support, motivation, teamwork, and commitment to building community. We want to hear from YOU! Know someone that deserves a little recognition for their dedication to doing good? Scrolling by a story that you know will inspire others to make a difference? Tag it with #ThatsSoSpesh or send us a message with details!

Friendly Reminder: Spesh boils down to "people helping people." When people show support, share motivation, and invest in each other, our community gets stronger and we all "level-up."

Something special might be defined as noteworthy, remarkable, or unique... but something truly spesh positively impacts communities and helps make people better.

So to all the moms out there, thank you. Thank you for being for being so spesh!